An offer dedicated to the banking networks: Servicing


In addition to its traditional own account business, Societe Generale Equipment Finance France has developed, over more than 15 years, a Servicing business, both within Societe Generale group and with its external partners.

The idea is to build on the tools, expertise and know-how of Societe Generale Equipment Finance France to provide its main partners with an operation management solution while the partner’s entity remains responsible for the outstandings.

This is a flexible offer that can be fully adapted to the range of services covered by Societe Generale Equipment Finance France in accordance with the partner’s requirements.

For example, Servicing can be limited to processing loan delivery or can cover all the businesses of a property leasing or financial leasing company, from the acquisition of new files until their maturity, including where necessary collection-litigation and the resale of material.

Other possible services are accounting, administrative and regulatory management as well as support in managing refinancing.

For many years, Societe Generale Equipment Finance’s Servicing business has had the same ISO 9001 certification as its own account business.

At present, Societe Generale Equipment Finance France’s Servicing business manages over €4bn in outstandings and is always ready to examine possible new partnerships.