Insurance is vital in order to protect your professional activity and your work tools. To this end, Franfinance and Franfinance Location* under the commercial name of Societe Generale Equipment Finance offers a comprehensive range of insurance products with the same length of guarantee as the financing solutions:

Personal insurance
The personal insurance contract is designed to guarantee funding and lease payments in the event of death or a temporary / permanent inability to work. Two levels of guarantee are offered:

  • DC/PTIA (Death, Total and Irreversible Loss of Autonomy)
  • DC/PTIA/IT (Death, Total and Irreversible Loss of Autonomy and Inability to work).

Property damage insurance
These insurance contracts guarantee the value of the vehicle or material financed in the event of damage:

  • Machinery insurance
  • Vehicle damage insurance
  • IT multi-risk insurance.

With these insurance contracts, it is possible to terminate the financing in the event of permanent damage or get the material repaired in the event of partial damage. They also include a financial loss guarantee.

Financial loss guarantee
This is an additional guarantee to existing property damage insurance contracted elsewhere. In the event of permanent damage, it covers the difference between the balance of the contractual commitments due to Societe Generale Equipment Finance and the economic value as determined by an expert on the day of the accident.

* Franfinance and Franfinance Location have the status of insurance intermediary and are registered at the ORIAS (French register of insurance intermediaries).